Turnberry Court, Greenford, London


40 new build extra care scheme


Notting Hill Housing


Greenfield, London

Project Description

What we did: Interior Design and Project Management by Access 21 Care Interiors. An extra care scheme run by a London housing association in conjunction with the London Borough of Ealing. It comprises 40 extra-care flats with communal facilities. Our brief was to design the communal areas to make the environment comfortable and homely. As part of the design process we liaised with a local older persons forum set up by the LB of Ealing to discuss and agree design issues. We were also responsible for the design of the guest suites on site.

The reason we are so proud of this scheme: There are two reasons why we are so proud of this project. The first is the collaborative nature of the decision making process, where the views of older residents within the London Borough of Ealing were sought and informed the design process and influenced the final design.. The second is the effect that the Artwork used had on residents. Artwork was a very important consideration for this scheme to take into account the different ethnic mix of the neighbourhood to stimulate interest and for way finding.

On a subsequent visit it was lovely to hear a resident talking about the adventures he had on his motorbike as a younger man – a conversation stimulated by the tactile motorcycle piece of Wall Art in the lobby. This showed how consideration of what artwork works in a location can produce unexpected results.

“Notting Hill Housing have worked with Access 21 for many years. In that time we have worked together to produce some exciting interiors for our extra care services. Access 21 have been thoughtful and helped us to create services that are homely, modern and simulating for the people that live in them.” – Lynn Lewis, Director of NHH Pathways

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